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What To Bring

I want your fishing experience to be as enjoyable as possible.  Please bring the following Items to ensure you have a good time.

Warm clothes

Just because the forecast says sunshine, does not mean it is going to be a hot day on the ocean. 


A day on the ocean can work up a big appetite so don’t forget food and  something to drink! (Please no large coolers as space for storage is limited).

Rain Gear and Rubber Boots

Not usually necessary, but it can make for a more comfortable day if the weather is not the best.

Sunglasses and Sun Screen

Even on the cloudy days both of these can be very useful.

Cooler for your catch

Please leave it in your car, but bring a cooler to transport your catch home in.  I provide bags to take your fish home with, but having a cooler in your car will help keep your catch fresh.

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